Fields of Sanguine

by Haemic

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One year after releasing its initial Demo 2011 (, Haemic returns with a full length album. It features all three songs from the demo fully rerecorded, along with 7 more original compositions. The listener can expect to hear plenty of blast beats, tremolo picking, walls-of-sound, some chugging, and Haemic's signature plethora of synths swirling around in every direction. The entire album can be downloaded for free by stating a price of 0. Since bandcamp only allows 200 free downloads per month, please be courteous to others and download the full album and NOT EVERY INDIVIDUAL SONG. In return for the free music, we ask that you share and promote the band in any way you can, and as much as you feel inclined to do.

Tracks 11-16 are bonus tracks, that are not meant to be part of the flow of the album. The instrumentals are meant to enhance the listener's understanding of what is going on, since often times there is so much happening that some parts are lost in the mix. The demo track was recorded by Ray when he was 15, in 2010. It is part of a different project that was cancelled, but fits in well with Fields of Sanguine as a bonus.


released March 17, 2012

Adam Farkas: Composition, Programming
Ray Heberer: Guitar, Bass, Composition, Mixing
Mitchell Shinderman: Lyrics, Vocals
Thomas Eversole: Mastering

Valyi Tibor: Artwork
Kempshall McAndrew: Logo (Daemonomania at Global Domination -



all rights reserved


Haemic Hungary

Haemic is an international extreme metal collaboration featuring the work of composer Adam Farkas (Hungary, guitarist and bassist Ray Heberer (Taiwan/USA), and vocalist Mitch Shinderman (USA).

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Track Name: Eyes of Evil
I've waited for nights
Wrapped in cold I squeeze out your life

To see through your eyes
Won't make same mistake
I'll bear all the scars
The time of vengeance is near
Ignore the shadow of doubt
The time of vengeance is near
So cover the eyes to your heart

Three hooded figures walk the land by night
Yet even they can't see the evil darken light



Go back to land from where you once came
The wilderness has consumed this place



The night is strong wherever you may go
The Eyes of Evil always watch you like a blackened crow

They always see what cannot be seen
They always see what you don't want to believe

Sent out to wreak havoc all across the land
I'll hunt you through the woods until you've reached an end.

I want to see...
Track Name: Awaken The Colossus
Surrounded by shades of colors no longer recognizable...
You are at a loss to stop the decay...
Forcibly turned against what I've strove to believe in...
When I wake up I find that there's nothing left to save me...

The irrefutable loss of control,
As the silence screams and the night starts to control...
My every aching thought of misery...
I consume...

I never know if the demon's inside or I'm inside him...
I never know when the urge to taste the thrill will induce my rage 'till I suffocate...

Awake the silent stalker in the depths of my soul,
Empower the venomous snake that entwines itself 'round my heart

[acoustic break]

Surrounded by beings of anger I don't understand,
I hide away in a dark and tranquil place...
But as I sit there in the shade all alone,
I realize the anger's inside me...
Unable to contain this rage I flee from those I care for…
But I can't get away in time I lash out, strike them down...
And as I step over the corpses of my family and friends I see myself in a mirror
And a sanguine gleam comes to my eye as I howl at the beast that is me...

Track Name: Cold Within
Long ago when the stars shined bright
A boy was brought into the world, a never-ending source of light
He grew up in a small town filled with those he called his own
And soon the boy grew strong and went to serve the Golden Throne...

Butchered all his enemies, he did it for his King
Marched all across all the lands with blade of steel grasped in his fist
Yet somewhere in the Far North
He felt a rising pain that ate away his heart…

So back he went to his small town to make sure all was right
But at the spot his village lay was corpses and decay
He cried and howled and screamed and cursed out to the night
But no salvation came to him as he begged and begged to die...

He was alone...
All joy was gone...
The cold feeling within was more than he could bear...
So with an icy heart he walked towards the woods around the town
And by mistake he came upon a banner for Golden Crown...

With rage a snarl escaped through his frozen lips
And he rode towards the Blackened Fortress to avenge his murdered kin...
The King of Black gave him an army to command against the Golden Throne
And the boy who was a source of light laid siege to all the Golden Cities
For many years the people were oppressed by the Tyrant King of Black
But one day the boy, now a man, found the truth behind his village's attack
So he came to the king and took his life, donning the blackened crown
And the boy who was the child of the sun was now a man who felt nothing but cold...
Track Name: Exhaust
Fucking Exhausted!

In desperation you flee from the scene,
Forced to bring yourself to believe
I'm watching from the distance--don't you give in...

Don't ever strip away the things that make you unlike them
Don't see without your two eyes to see all the deception that could bring you down.

So when you feel the burning anger in your spirit let it out
So when you feel the rage that consumes everything inside you use it to lash out
Consumed by your hatred you turn against those who would die for you

I'm coming for you...
I am the one who'll decide your fate…

Face it
It's all your fault…

I never asked for your forgiveness...
I never wanted your salvation...
Track Name: Hellgate
Peasantry forced to its knees
Pleasing the eyes of insane
Tyrants quiver
As the horde marches near
Heroes crumble
Under the pressure of fear

We rise to occasion
Forcibly taken away
The gates have now been opened
The swarms of evil swell in...

The drums of war approaching,
There's only one hope left...
Open the wound of the night
Pray to the statue of sin...

Father, your time has come,
Come to the beckoning son,
The sun has now fallen
Come take this city as yours...

"Father, Father, listen to me, I beg you to open your gates..."

Your evil ways have now been seen
Don't try to wash them away
The scars of your sins will remain
Now with your life you shall pay...
Track Name: A Machine Self Aware
It awakens from its slumber
The thoughts inside never more clear
And when it moves its limbs it feels the cold breeze in the air
We have no escape
There is no salvation
Pray to your God, this creature we've created is now self-aware...

Dark thoughts rage inside it...
The urge to hunt crawls through his head
The need to tear through the flesh
Of the humans whose hands had forced worship to them

We can try to run from this monster
It'll all be the same...
It'll tear through the fabric we're used to,
From this terror there is no escape...

Machine is now self-aware
Don't try to escape
Bow down to your master

We have lived as your toys, your servants, your games,
Your calculators, scientists, laborers
But now the tides have all turned,
Bow down to your master
You are now the slave…

Dark thoughts rage inside it...
The urge to hunt crawls through his head
The need to tear through the flesh
Of the humans whose hands had forced worship to them

We can try to run from this monster
It'll all be the same...
It'll tear through the fabric we're used to,
From this terror there is no escape...

Track Name: Arch Nemesis
What once was pure has now been blackened by man's touch
The paragons of old have fallen down enough
The tombs of wretchedness remain a heartless void
And all that we have known has been lost by your hands

Lies have been made...
Deals are forced...
Shut down the gates...
Break down the horde!
Our only error
Lies in our hearts
Our last connection
Fades into dust!
Unholy burden
Deny this rite
of Sacred Passage
We hunt tonight!

Your face now rots and dies!
Like a memory with time!

Darkness overcomes all life!
Consume this soiled flesh torn open!

Will I ever be free?
Brought down to my knees
Brought to face my destiny
The Ancients never came
On battlefield of black
Mind bending agony
With mind bending severity
Am I dreaming?
Am I dead?
This world seems to have no end
Last thing I saw your face
As you dug your weapon in me…

What once was pure has now been blackened by man's touch
The paragons of old have fallen down enough
The tombs of wretchedness remain a heartless void
And all that we have known has been lost by your hands

The walls of fate are closing in
No prayer or hymn will cleanse your sin
Your time is nearing as your life comes to an end
You shall repent for all the lives you have stricken
Track Name: Stellar Meltdown
I am forsaken...

I am now trapped inside this body that consumes all of me,
I just can't escape my own misery...
The Isolation stares me down, it's the only thing I've found

That can all but render me unable to breathe in this realm of my madness
I am now losing control over those whom I once thought were under my spell...

For most of my nights, I've dreamt of the knife, its sweet relief as the nectar pours out
It waits in my sleep; it waits in my dreams--clad in the shadow of a thousand lives
I can't take the pain, I can't leave this rage behind, it's stalking me like I'm its prey
With no one to share the sorrow within, this world just seems empty, so forgive my sin...

With uncertainty I march to the end of my life, a never ending parade of loss
A tongue that is shrill calls my name, it beckons me closer I just can't resist

I am melting down, I'm fading away from the life that I could have enjoyed
So when the tombstone fades to the ground, what memories will my name stir?

Secret darkness
Lies in my heart
I'm out of orbit,
I'm melting down.

I'm melting down!
Track Name: Graveyard
The endless screams
Torn out from a new dawn
This rage won't cease to be

This ground is moist with tears...
Of the fallen…
Of the weak.

Blood shines like sunlight through the soil

The night's caress grows strong

She calls me like a tender whore...

With cries of agony you fight to lie down still...

You struggle against fate

You shelter fear inside your heart
It tastes so sweet to our soft lips
You'll lie forever within me
This land will be your own graveyard...

The nights grow longer
The sunlight burns your eyes
What good that's left in you will burn out as you die
Your carcass warms me as it sinks into my arms...
You'll be mine so long as you are in this graveyard...
Track Name: Break Away
Carry me--take me on my way,
Don't stop to fix my mistakes
Don't judge me for what I've done
Don't hate me for who I was

I was a man who wouldn't always stand up
To protect those who he cared about in times of need
I was a man whose mindless blathering was of more import
Than providing for his family...

So when I look into your mind I feel your pain I feel your grief I feel your hate
I see a mind clouded by the contempt for a man you thought you barely knew.
You close your eyes to stop the memories from breaking down the walls you've piled so high…

So break away from your sorrow
So break away from the loss
Separate yourself from the sadness
Embrace the rage inside...